Frequently Asked Question

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  • What happen after 12 months of subscription? Do I need to continue subscribe to Cokopos?

    If you love Cokopos and would like to continue using it, you will need to continue in subscribing Cokopos.

  • How much is the monthly subscription after 12 months?

    Depending on the functionalities that you need, the Lite Edition will be RM49 per month while Pro Edition will be RM99 per month.

  • How do I pay for the months to come after the 12th month if I decided to use Cokopos?

    You will receive our monthly invoice for online payment. You can also opt for our automated recurring payment to reduce the monthly payment hassle.

  • Do you guys provide supports if I face any issue with the hardware or on Cokopos?

    If you need any assistance, you can call us 018 660 9796 / 017 280 001 or email look@cokolook.com to our support.